Help on HELP [Replacing Help Menu Item]

Hi All,

I created an AS Studio app without the menu bar items except the application itself - I had items such as File, Edit, Window, Help, etc. deleted because I thought I would never need them at all (darn!).

Now, I am trying to put back the “Help” menu into the menu bar. I could put it there as a Cocoa sub-menu addition and label it as “Help” and it would appear in the menu bar. However, when I add a menu item under it the item is grayed out and unavailable.

How can I activate that item? BTW, I had all Help resources added to the project the standard way via “Add…” to the project method.


archseed :frowning:

You may not be able to get it back as it was originally, but as long as you use the on choose menu item handler, you can program it to still respond to the Cmd-? by using this:

else if theObject = "help_item" then
		call method "showHelp:"


Thanks a lot.

I will try your suggestion if restoring the deleted menus in the menu bar is not possible.

archseed :slight_smile:

…You could also try connecting the menu item to the showHelp: action in the First Responder (just like it appears in the templates).

Hi Bruce,

I will try that too and see which one looks/behaves more like the original.

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Hi Bruce,

Am back in a jiffy!

I did as you suggested and the Help menu is back on the menu bar with the menu item for help now active --as if it’s never been deleted.

For those who might be encounter the same problem, here’s what I did (based on Bruce’s suggestion):

In the IB, select the menu item under the Help menu of the menu bar then do a “control-drag” and drag it to the “First Responder”. A new window will open up. Look for the “ShowHelp” item and click it then click the button “Connect”. And, that’s it.

Thanks for the help,

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I should’ve thought of this earlier, but FYI we have a video of a similar process (connecting a menu item to a preferences window):

Wow! Great!
I’ll keep that in my aging medulla oblongata in case I run into a similar problem ever again.

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