HELP Please ! Problems with handlers , loops and variables

I am tasked with entering a large amount of data and would apperciate any help with developing an AppleScript for the two tasks … I tried using Automator but was unsuccessful
If someone can tell me the code I can use or tell me where I can find it , I would be forever grateful

  1. The first one , I need to be able to automate the task extracting each patient’s Name, Sex, Date of Birth, off a pdf file then use this info to add each of these patients into the electronic medical record website .

  2. The second task , is I need to be able to extract a patient chart ,off the electronic medical record website, and save it as a PDF in a folder in my desktop.

I have to do that for 500+ patients, so you going to save my life with this. Willing to pay …

I can be reached by email : , Thank you so much in advance

Model: MAC
Browser: Safari 601.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)