HELP! Read txt list of names,create folders with the names

Okay, I have been searching for an answer to this question
for about 20 hours now… Honestly…
I really wanted to find it myself and not bother any of you,
but I guess I have failed! I am still not getting anywhere…
I have seen several topics on this BBS that are kindof related,
but they all seem to get a little too deep and involved and I am
just getting confused. (Yeah, obviously, I am very new to this…)

So … Could anyone out there help me out with a post? Or
perhaps a helpful link? Or maybe someone can make me
feel like I did not waste 20 hours combing the forums and
Yahoo for an answer… javascript:emoticon(‘:rolleyes:’)

I need a script that will read a list of names from a text file…
There are like1000 names in this format:

Filename220581 10/12/2002
Filename220582 10/14/2001
Filename220584 10/17/2002
Filename220585 10/26/2003
. … . etc . . .

After it reads the names, I want the script to create
folders with those names. Not that hard right?
Apple Script can do this correct?

I thought the following script would work but I get an
error when running it. (It also forces me to use classic… )
Make Lotsa Folders

The following application is as close as I have gotten but
it the vendor is asking $15 to unlock it and I just cannot
justify paying that for such a simple app…
List Renamer

Thanks so much! :smiley:

A couple of slight modifications of Matt Federoff’s fine script “Make Lotsa Folders”, seems to work just fine in OS X using Tex-Edit Plus, a $15.00 shareware application…

You have a funny way of asking for help, you post no effort of your own at what you call a simple app, then you say that you can’t justify paying a $15.00 dollar fee for something you have already wasted 20 hours of your precious time trying to get. What would you consider a reasonable price for the time it took the original author to create and make available a solution for something you seem to need so desperately?

Here, here, Greg!

Still, is this what you mean?


[This script was automatically tagged for color coded syntax by Script to Markup Code]

Post some effort? I thought I made it really clear in my initial post that I really attempted to figure this out on my own by combing through this forum as well as a bunch of other sites. I posted what I found and asked for assistance. The fact that I just learned about AppleScript’s existence about 24 hours ago certainly does not help but I mentioned that “I am very new to this.”
Guess I need to speak up a little more next time…

Regarding the $15 app called List Renamer… I had a feeling there was an easy answer to my problem and after seeing your solution, it appears that I was correct. With this in mind, I see no need to throw $15 at an application that only performs one task, does not appear to be getting better in any way, and was last updated on Thanksgiving 2002… No wonder it has 1 star out of 5 on Version Tracker.

The Tex-Edit application you recommended is great though! Worth the $15 by far… And a new release as well. Great! I don’t know about you, but I’d much rather spend my money on something like this.

Aha… I see one of my problems. I guess I was using a non OSX compatible editing thing. I still would have never known that I could even use that code from make lotsa folders. Cool…

Thank you very much for your help!