Help Request - Applescript to find an exact email address in

Larger (all?) email providers treat these as the same address: (no period between first and last name) smart mailboxes also seem to treat the above recipient addresses as the same.

So, what AppleScript would find mails with recipients whose address does not contain the dot?

If the first name and the last name are not separated by anything, then the computer cannot guess which part of the sentence is the first name. In this case, you need to help it by providing it with a list of possible names in advance. For example, a list of American names. Here’s an example:

property predefinedFirstNames : {"James", "Bruce", "First_name"}

set email to ""

ignoring case
	repeat with nextName in predefinedFirstNames
		if email contains nextName then return nextName
	end repeat
end ignoring

Thank you for your guidance, KniazidisR.