Help revisiting a old script from macscripter (FolderFeeds)


I’m trying to understand if something is possible, and my research landed me on the FolderFeeds script from here, back in 2010:

What I would like to do is figure out if Applescript will be able to generate a live RSS feed from a folder, that could then be subscribed within a feed-reading application on the same machine, and if that would NEED to be parsed through a local webserver, or if the textfile of the feed is enough.

The utility is that I have an extensive back catalogue of downloaded Podcasts, and no one makes a podcatcher that I have found which can connect a back catalog to a new subscription (e.g Apple’s Podcasts creates an entirely new “show” every time a show moves hosts, so your episodes may be spread across multiple entries).

My thought was to put all my back catalogue episodes into archive folders per show, have new downloaded episodes automatically moved to those archive folders, and then have a script generating a feed from each folder’s contents - one for each show.

Then I subscribe to that local feed in the podcast app of choice, with downloading disabled, and if that app can generate an OPML export, I have a portable way to easily switch between podcast players.

This is obviously something for someone who likes baroque local-storage media hoarding as their model, rather than just subscribing to Overcast, or whatever, but a lot of my back catalogue is stuff that isn’t online any more, and the ancient copies of iTunes I’m using won’t last for ever.

Anyone with the expertise to opine IF it’s possible, and then how, I’d appreciate your thoughts.


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