Help : Script: Int Expl 5.1 : Limit images displayed to jpeg

:?: I need a script that would:
Tell Internet explorer 5.1 to limit the type of image files loaded/ displayed to .jpg and .jpeg . Stand alone application is what I’m working on. I dont know much about applescript, but this is what have so far. I may be taking the wrong approach.

tell the application “Internet Explorer”
if MIME in window then
ShowFile image / (jpeg in current)
end if
end tell

This script promps the message : CANT GET MIME FROM WINDOW

Do I run a “get mime’s from window” / “place mime’s in list” /“load jpeg images from list” type of scheme? I’m trying to keep it super simple, because it should be… Any help is mucho appreciated


What programming language are you using? :twisted:

  • no way

Sorry about my last stupid post.
IE doesn’t provide terminology to AppleScript to do such thing. Using the “do script” command, aka javascript, you could (perhaps) “delete” any no-jpg image, simply setting its “src” to something unknown, but I don’t think you could execute such script before the page is entirely loaded, and absolutelly no-no before it is accessed.
What you may wish is filter displayed content, but you’ll need a powerful hack (for example, you can take a look to “PithHelmet”, but it will only work in Safari).