Help: Scripting Internet Connect, Airport Extreme

I’m looking for help scripting Internet Connect and Airport Extreme with the built-in modem. I’m on OS 10.3.7 with a PowerBook G4 and want to run a script to turn Airport on (it uses Internet Connect which also includes screens for Internal Modem, Bluetooth and VPN), connect using the Airport Extreme built-in modem, and launch Mail. I’d like one for the reverse of that also which, when modem reset has completed will put the PB to sleep.

I’m a scripting newbie and have been unable to find a solution and have failed at chopping up other scripts and adding new components to make mine work. I’ve basically got nothing.

Incidentally, I just found something online that brings in to question whether this will be possible. It was from the FAQ for ABDialer and it said; “Can I use ABDialer with the Airport modem?
No, the Airport modem is not directly accessible from the Mac. It’s only used by Airport itself to provide an internet connection.”

So, I wonder if this is possible. Any help is appreciated.

Model: PowerBook G4
Browser: Safari 125.12
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.3.7)

I came across silvermeteors’ reply to a post that seems to give a good start to the script I’m looking for. It seems that if the night_mode portions (see below) are taken out his script, it accomplishes the part that turns on/off AirPort. Can anyone modify it to then connect to the AirPort Extreme internal modem then launch Mail? Ideally, it would be written to run the reverse when I’m finished so that only one script is needed to start all that up as well as shut it all down.

Anyone? I’ve made some feeble attempts with my limited scripting knowledge and failed miserably.