Help with a simple scripting problem

I want to rename a file on the desktop and move the file to a folder on the hard drive. Applescript seems to have no duplicate or save as command for files or at least I can’t find them in the dictionary. I have no problem with the move to command. The original filename “abc” for instance would be renamed or duplicated as “abc” & current date. Then I would move the duplicated or renamed file to another location. How do I duplicate the file with the new file name that incorporates the current date?
Thanks for any help.


Without getting to the further details, you can use the following commands (“duplicate” and “move”) in the Standard Suite when you open the Finder’s dictionary.

There are also a number of editable file-renaming script available in scriptbuilders. You can check out how the above commands are used and then apply them to your script.

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archseed :smiley:

And for renaming just modify the “name” property of the file.

So for a quick example

set sourceFile to choose file

tell application "Finder"
	set newFile to duplicate sourceFile to desktop
	set name of newFile to "whatever you want to call it"
end tell