Help with code for "drop zone" in application window

I have an idea for an app but I am struggling with the code.

If you can help (please) post your ideas here and send me an email:

This will be a stand-alone app.

  1. User drags file (audio or video file) to “dropzone” in app window

(!) 2. App checks file type and changes image in “dropzone” according
to what type of file has been dropped/loaded into program. In this
case I want the app to restrict file types to audio or video files. If
the file = audio then a corresponding “audo” image will load in the
“dropzone”. If the file = video then a corresponding “video” image will load in the
“dropzone”. if the file is NOT audio or video then an “unsupported format” image
will load in “dropzone” and a dialog will pop up with “unsuported format” message.
If “dropzone” is “empty” than a “default” image will load in “dropzone”.

  1. The audio or video file will then be processed externally with unix/terminal
    (ideally with shell script)

(!) 4. A new processed file will saved in same location that it was originally dragged

(!) I need help with these portions of the code.



I’m working on an application that will do some similar things to yours. Once I get the code finished and work the bugs out, I’ll be glad to share the code. Not sure how much longer it might be, hopefully less than a week or so.

That would be great!