Help with display dialog

I need help. I need to have display dialog disable access to the other controls of my app, and I need to get the results of it. Which it can do just fine. But I can’t have it right in the middle of the screen. Any suggestions would be great.

Have you considered attaching your dialog to a window (the one you want to “block”) and using a [url=]dialog ended[/url] handler to get the result?

I have looked into that, but won’t a lot have to change in the AS to get the result of that back into the next set of lines?

Can you just move the rest into a handler and call that after you get the result from the dialog?

Just so you understand, I’m usually quite good at this, but I’ve just never used an attached dialo before, so feel free to go super technical on me. And I’m not tryin to just shoot down ideas. But how can I do that, and still know which of 20 different dialogs i just called so as to pass the info properly? And I also have a couple of dialogs right in a row which would make hings difficult i think.