Help with Drag & Drop application

Can anyone point me to a good tutorial on—or even just the souce code for a project that uses—drag & drop application coding? I’ve googled around and can’t find crap on this topic. I just want to know the basic procedure for setting up the interface to execute code on a drag & drop action.

Any help is very much appreciated.

Simply create a new project “AppleScript Droplet” in Xcode and browse the .applescript file. It will be similar to this:

on open names

end open

Then, when you drop files onto your app, a list of aliases is passed as the parameter “names” in the “open” handler (as in a regular applescript droplet). Hope this is good enough to get started :wink:

More on “drag & drop” (to image views or text fields, etc.), you can browse your disk at:
“/Developer/Examples/AppleScript Studio/Drag and Drop”

Thanks, that helps a lot.