Help with Excel cell colour values please

Hi there,

I’ve written a script that automates the generation of variable copy Quark docs with the copy being pulled from an Excel spreadsheet.

The script works fine and the Quark docs are generated as they should be, however I need to factor in some sort of decision making. To do this I need to pick up the cell colour values of a certain column.
This is where I’m a little stuck, how do I get the fill colour value of a given cell? I’ve tried one or two ways, one of which is shown below, but as yet no luck.

set xyz to cell color of range ("F2:F6")

I use something similar to pull out all the variable copy from a column into a list and this works ok.

set xyz to value of range ("F2:F6")

I’ve had a look at the applescript guide for Excel and found one or two bits but I think I’m using them in the wrong way.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


Hi Jacques,

Thanks for your reply, it’s a big help.

I was beginning to think I might have to use an array to solve the problem.

I’d managed to get the value from a single cell, as per your first example, but I was having trouble getting a range of values. Your first example confirmed my findings and the second has shown me exactly what I needed to know.

Thank you once again for your reply Jacques.