Help with filemaker pro emaill applescript!

Hi, all

I am writing an apple script that will enable an user to write an email using outlook.

This is my script:

“tell application " & quote & “Microsoft Outlook” & quote & "
make new draft window with properties
{to recipients:” & quote & Email & quote & “,
content:” & quote & anrede ausgabe & quote & “} }
end tell”

but when I run it, I get the error :
Expected end of line ect, but found class name (error -2741)

What does this mean???
And how do I fix it!

Plz help as this is only the last thing I need to do then the DB is finshed!

Lots of love

Thanks in advance

I’m not running OS 9, so I can’t really test this…

But what are all the “& quote &” lines for?

I’m not running Outlook Express, so I cannot completely test it either, but I did see a few problems. You need line returns, and you need to lose the extra closing brace. As for the " & quote & " stuff, the original poster has a FileMaker field that must have a double-quot character in it. I’d recommend he just use the correct escape mechanism, rather than depending on a global field.
Here’s the code I would use to set the field you run the AppleScript from:

"tell application ""Microsoft Outlook""¶
make new draft window with properties {to recipients:""" & Email & """, content:""" & anrede ausgabe & """}¶
end tell"

Once FileMaker puts that into the field, it will look like this:

tell application "Microsoft Outlook"
 make new draft window with properties {to recipients:"", content:"Here my message, guys."}
 end tell