help with iChat answering bot


I’m looking for a way to create an auto-answering bot for iChat via Applescript.

What it should do : depending on messages sent to a specific iChat account that account would answer back to the originating sender.
There’s a plugin for iChat that can run Applescripts : ICAR (see

Possible actions:

  • a message that triggers another script that does a find in a specific Filemaker database and returns the results in a message,
  • a message that invites the sender for a iChat video or audio chat,
  • a message that shows the content, sender or subject of emails in your inbox,
  • a message that reboots the computer,
  • a message that makes a screenshot of the computer and sends it back via iChat file transfer,

as you can see … the possibilities are unlimited .

Anyone has an idea how to start ?

As an alternative Skype could also be used…