help with photoshop script

i’m new to applescript so please don’t be harsh :smiley: . . .

Here’s my scenario:

We’ve got a photo archive (NT) server that needs to send jpgs to our production (Mac) server for publication. That part works fine. Only thing is when the files (jpgs) are tranferred (using FTP from the NT box to the Mac server), all of the IPTC header information is dropped out of the file when it gets to our production system. This info is important for rundate information, caption information, section info, id info, etc. All of that info is filled out in PS7.0 using the File Info function.

We’ve found that if we can FTP from the NT Archive server to a Mac (OSX), open and resave the jpg file, re-FTP to the Prodcution (mac) server, the IPTC header info gets into the production system with no problems.

I’ve created a Droplet in PS7.0 with an associated action to open and resave a file that is dropped onto it. When a file is dropped on the Droplet, the droplet calls the open/save action, and outputs to a selected destination. Works like a champ.

Problem is this step needs to be automated. Right now, when files are FTP’d from the Archive NT server to the OSX machine we have to manually run them through the Droplet to open/save to a new location.

I haven’t been able to figure out if the Droplet can be added to a script to watch a folder for new files then open/save them to a new location.:?

Is there any way of doing this through applescript?


When you use the term droplet, are you referring to a Photoshop action droplet?

feanor, it seems like you can do what you want with a simple folder action (which is used to make a hot folder). You also wouldn’t need to call a PS action; just do everything with the script.