Help with script to extract text from pdf & put into NEW pdf

Hello Everyone,

I am looking to the MacScript Community for help with a script that will help me mitigate the daunting task of manually extracting data from my bank statements to put into my expense tracking software. The software that I am using at the moment is “Neat Receipts” which will only inport .“pdf” and image files. I have very limited scripting knowledge at this point, however, I have begun the process of learning the craft. With deadines steadily approaching I have put off the task of manually combing through hundreds of pages of docs in search of a more eficient way of accomplishing this task. Therefore, I have turned to the Apple Community for help for myself and possibly millions of others with the same issue.

Thus far, I have downloaded all of my bank statements for the last year and have organized them into a folder on my desktop. Each file is labled by a specific name, such a “TD Bank Statement - Jan 2012.pdf”. I would like to go about extracting the data from the pdf in a way as to be able to reimport it back to a seperate pdf file under a new name. First, I would like to select the folder containing all the bank statements. Second, I would like to retrieve the “Transaction Date”, “Vendor”, and “Transaction Amount” from all the stements. Third, I would like to combine the, Date", “Vendor”, and “Transaction Amount” and place it into a new “pdf” file. Last, I would like to name the new file with the date of the transaction followed by the vendor, a delimiter, and then the file name from which the transaction originated fileNext export a single trasnaction to a new pdf, and give the file the name of its "transaction date.

Sample Data would look like this:
PAYPAL DDL2007 402 935 7733 * CA
12/29 VISA DDA PUR 5.00 383.14

Sample Output to look like this:
12/29, VISA, PAYPAL, 5.00,

Sample file output would look like this:
12/29, VISA, PAYPAL, - TD Bank Statement - Dec 2012.PDF

I am actively working on this, as I type this, to test my knowledge and ability to solve this problem myself. I would like some feedback, input, and help with this as I am very new to applescript.

Thank you,

Model: Macbook Pro (late 2011)
AppleScript: 2.5
Browser: Safari 536.26.17
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.8)

It sounds like it can be done. It sounds like you’re saying that the information is in some kind of table, right?