help writing a simple microsoft word script? paste special as picture

hi! i have written a few SIMPLE scripts myself, but i consider myself a complete newbie at this

right now, i am trying to write a quick script for microsoft word that i can bind via quicksilver to a keyboard shortcut. i am trying to write a script to go to the edit menu, paste special, and then select “paste as a picture” in the dialog menu that microsoft word pops up. this will then just paste whatever i had on the clipboard (usually a PDF image) as a picture to wherever my cursor was in the document. unfortunately, i’ve tried this for hours and i could not get the script right…so i gave up/am asking for help…

is it even possible to do this?


i figure it should look something like this??

tell application “Microsoft Word”
paste special data type paste metafile picture
end tell

i’ve tried many other variations of this…but to no avail :frowning:

gidday jhscriptnoob, and welcome

I use something like this, with out the clipboard, hope this helps to get you going

set x to choose file with prompt "get picture to insert:"
tell application "Microsoft Word"
	make new document
	tell active document
		set PicR to create range start 0 end 0
		make new inline picture at PicR with properties ¬
			{file name:x as string}
	end tell
end tell