Helping parent with Dementia

Hi, my dad has dementia and lives 3000 miles away. These screenshare apps sometimes don’t work, freeze up, or get disabled inadvertently. I’m looking for a way to be able to have my dad download an applescript or some file he opens where I could quickly have a system log emailed to me or sent via messages or automate the reinstallation of some software like Zoom or something. I have never really done much with Applescript but seems like it could be useful in this situation. Wondering if anyone might know of a repository of useful examples or has some ideas for me?

If you want to give an operating environment to people who are not good at operating a computer or can hardly do it, think of something like Switch Control (a floating palette that executes Scripts) or Stream Deck (which executes AppleScript from an action) that comes standard with macOS.

For these Script updates, connect with TeamViewer and use file transfer.

However, due to the cognitive decline of the parents, most of the operations were performed in TeamViewer. Good luck to you.