Here's another 'magical effect I made this morning.

If you are a magician, you might recognize this, its an oldie but a goody.

Run before you read, or if you read it, follow the steps as you do… if you read the end it will ruin the effect.

Let me know what you think, it might not be as effective because it isn’t a person giving the tasks, but I thought I would put it out there and see what you guys think.


display dialog "Ok, for this you might want something to write with. There are a few several steps. (unless your memory is good, and you can do simple math in your head)" buttons {"Cancel", "Ok, Lets Begin!"}
if button returned of result is "Ok, Lets Begin!" then display dialog "I want you to think of any number between One and Ten, once you have one, multiply that number by Nine" buttons {"Ok"} default button 1
display dialog "If your result is two digits, I want you to add the digits together. If it's one, then leave it... Once you have done that, take your result and subtract Five from it." buttons {"Ok"} default button 1
display dialog "Now, this step is a little tricky to explain, think of numbers corresponding to the alphabet, like A=1 B=2 C=3 and so on. Use your result to find a letter, for example, if you had 7, then your letter would be G, because the 7th letter of the alphabet is G. Let me know when you have your letter." buttons {"Ok, I have it"} default button 1
if button returned of result is "Ok, I have it" then display dialog "Good, I want you to think of a country that starts with the letter you have. Then mark it down on paper." buttons {"Ok"} default button 1
display dialog "Ok, we are almost done. next I want you to look at the second letter of the name of your country. and think of a large animal that starts with that letter. Write it down, also write down the color of the animal." buttons {"Ok"} default button 1
display dialog "How strange, there aren't any Grey Elephants in Denmark." buttons ("Have a great Day!") default button 1

If you liked this one, check out my other one, it reads your mind. (a ‘think of a card’ effect)

Don’t read this if you want to figure out how the trick above works…

– all single digit integer multiples of 9 have digits that sum to 9. {9, 18, 27, 36, …}
– subtract 5, so always get 4 no matter what you chose, so the letter is always D
– think of a country → your choices are: Denmark, Djibouti, Dominica, Dominican Republic. Very likely choice: Denmark, second letter E.
– choose a large animal starting with E. Choices are Elephant and Elk.

As a Canadian, I chose Elk, so the trick didn’t work for me. :lol:

You might also note that directly after it asks for them to think of the country, it says “then mark it down” not as effective when written. But very powerful when spoken, when you say “then mark” their first thought will always be Denmark.


My letter was N, and I did it twice.

Well I fell for hit hook line and sinker…

Actually there are no Elks in Denmark either, in Scandinavia they live in Sweden, Norway and Finland :wink: