Here's what I'd like to do... (Newbie dreams)

I have a copy of Ibeez on an imac running OSX jag
which can cause the mac to boot up, and open a program in a selected directory.

Here’s the dream:
I want the computer to wake up, say a message eg. “wake up”, play itunes, boot up mail, get mail, read my task list from ical.

Quite attainable no?

I can get a script to do simple elements of this…
Problem #1
I can only get ibeez to open the script editor, but not actually RUN the script.

Anyways seems like a fun exercise… Anybody care to join?

I use iBeeZz to trigger a nightly backup script with no problem. When you configured iBeeZz, did you select the script file or Script Editor to be opened? Did you save the script as a compiled script?

– Rob

Since iBeeZe launches applications on schedule, you need to save your script as an AppleScript application and tell iBeeZe to launch that.

My script is compiled (not an application) and iBeeZz still runs it. FYI, I’m running iBeeZz v1.5.

– Rob

Thanks for all your help everyone. I got it figured out, and have saved the script as an executable.

So I’ve got the computer on speaking terms, and itunes boots up.
Now getting Mail to fetch my email…
There is a “get mail” script that is provided with ibeez, but it is only executable and cannot be viewed in the editor. I notice that the mail program itself is not very friendly to applescripts.

Question #1

Can I add to my current script, the ability to download my mail?


I created a solution, but it’s not very ellegant.

  1. I wake the computer up using ibeez
  2. run the read mail script (that comes with ibeez, and cannot be opened by the editor)
  3. put the computer to sleep again using ibeez
  4. wake it up again and run my itunes/wake up script

Now onto more important matters:

I can now open iCal
but how do I get it to export all the information from my task list so that the computer can read it aloud?

It looks like this should perform a mail check. It can be added to your other script or the other script can be added to this.

tell application "Mail" to check for new mail

– Rob

:oops: Huh
I thought I had tried that and it didn’t work.
But I just tested it again, and viola mail.

Thank you.