Hey you awesome coders your help has been great I have a question

I want to delete a folder Called Vsearch and anything that is in it, in the path below and it is not working. Tried several different ways but with now luck.

Any help is appreciated!

tell application “System Events”
set theStartupdisk to (name of startup disk)
end tell

	tell application "Finder" to delete ({POSIX file theStartupdisk & ":" & "/Library/Application Support/Vsearch/"} as alias)
end try



first of all, could you please use the applescript tags correctly

[ applescript ]
tell application “whatever” to quit
[/ applescript ]

of course you have to remove the space characters in the tags

There is a “shortcut” to the application support folder

set applicationSupportFolder to path to application support folder

tell application "Finder"
	if exists folder "Vsearch" of applicationSupportFolder then
		delete folder "Vsearch" of applicationSupportFolder
	end if
end tell

StephanK thank you this is my 2nd day coding apple script, previous I coded VB6 and VB.net, I used to program Fortran, and Cobol back in the day.

I guess that gives away my age but I thank you so much for your help!