HHHEEELLP: I-view and FM pro

Hi there…
I want to link I-view to filemakerpro: search a copied field-value from Filemaker in iview.
This is what i want to happen: copy the productcode from the current, active record in FilemakerPro. Start-up Iview Media Pro app, open a certain catalog and perform a find, based upon the copied field in Filemaker…get it?! The pictures in the iview-catalog have the same name as the productcode…

Thanks in advance…
Marcel Bahnen


This should get you headed in the right direction

tell application "FileMaker Pro"
	set productID to cell "Product ID" of current record of database 1
end tell

tell application "iView MediaPro"
	open alias "path:to:your:catalog" -- put the path to your iview catalog here
	select (every object of window 1 whose name is productID)
end tell

HTH -john