hi everyone

my first post at your lovely forum. i’m just getting my feet wet with this whole applescript and studio thing and would like to ask for your help.

i’ve built a simple applescript called “sesame” that opens applications. when run, it launches whatever applications i’ve included in the:

launch application “application name 1”
launch application “application name 2”


anyways, i decided to open up project builder to see how easy it’d be to turn it into an os x application with that lovely metallic facing. turns out, it’s pretty simple.

now what i’d like to do is be able to add and remove applications controlled by sesame when the application is open. i’ve gone about this already by including an “open sesame” button at the bottom of the window and put a data table (i think that’s what they’re called…) above it.

what i want to do is to list the names of the applications “controlled” by applescript in that data table. if i was to add “photoshop” and “terminal” to the script, it’d show up in the list.

does anyone know how to do that?

i’d also like to be able to add applications to the list (by browsing for them…) and removing them when i’m done with them.

but, that’s a future plan. for now, i just want to list the applications in the window.

any help would be appreciated.

-mathew h.

There are several samples in the developer examples about data & table manipulation. You can take a look to “Drag & Drop”, “Table” or “Table Sort” (/developer/examples/applescript studio/)

i’ll check it out and let you know what i find.