Hidding typing in a prompt

I am wondering how to make dots appear instead of characters in a user prompt such as this:

set Dialog_1 to display dialog “Passowrd:” default answer “”

Just so that the password does not appear as the user is typing in for a bit more privacy…


built in applescript can’t do this, but there are other ways. You can get scripting additions to do this, but you need to pay. Otherwise, you can use AppleScript Studio which is included in every os since Jaguar. I would use AppleScript studio because it is free and not too hard for me. You need to do some reading. Check out your computer for Developer and also Apple website.


I’ve heard different people talk about applescript studio… and I do have Dev tolls installed… Can find a Studio examples folder, but is the tool used the xcode app ?

Actually, it is a combination of things. See this for more info:
About Building Applications With AppleScript Studio