hide a process from activity monitor

Hi all,

Trying to make my app as hack-proof as possible.
It already hides from the dock (doesn’t show there at all).
Just wondering… is it possible to hide that process from “activity monitor” as well?


It is possible. But why? You want to hide a bad process from the user. This is not good.

You should quit the bad process on open Activity monitor event.

Hi KniazidisR,

and thanks for your reply.

I’m building a hardware+software combo, not only the sw that anybody can download.
I just want to make sure people cannot easily get to my software, see how it works, etc.

That’s why I want to do it.
If activity monitor shows the process, then it is very easy to locate the file and copy it to another machine.

But hey: your concern is appreciated! :wink:

Would this really stop people from snooping around though?

Example hiding the Safari from Activity Monitor:

on idle
	tell application "System Events" to ¬
		if exists process "Activity Monitor" then tell application "Safari" to quit
	return 0.5
end idle


You have probably thought of this already. But if you export your AppleScript as a run-only application, doesn’t this stop others from being able to open the code?

But be warned: it would also lock you out…!


That’s not really hiding a process, is it ? That’s killing it, which is a bit of a difference. It also has a 0.5-second window in which someone else with a better/faster script could easily have enumerated processes in that time and obtained all the information the OP was hoping to conceal.

You may have a perfectly legitimate reason for doing this, but what you’re trying to accomplish is something that’s usually done by malware.

If you’re set on this course, the places where you find answers to these kind of questions is generally on the darkweb, where you can buy stealth software and rootkits and such.

People on regular help forums aren’t likely to know techniques generally used to create malware, and even if they do, are not likely to share them.