Hiding text in a dialog?

how would you hide a password
so when you at your
display dialog “blahblah” default answer “”

Is there a way to make it so when they type it shows
************ instead of pigsarecool?

AppleScript itself doesn’t support this. There are a number of scripting additions which provide this type of functionality as well as a “secure text field” in AppleScript Studio which will provide the type of dialog you want.

Hope this helps.

can i script it in applescript studio?

how do you access this secure text field, i haven’t been able to find it

awesomex: Yes you can script in AS Studio, but it’s a little more complicated because you ahave to connect your script to GUI elements. If you’re really in to AppleScript, then I’d recommend checking out AS Studio, you’ll definitely end up using it at somepoint if you do a lot of scripting.

Supa Puerco: To access a secure text field, make a new text field in a window in Interface Builder for an AS Studio app (or any Cococa app). Select the text field and hit Command-Shift-i to bring up the Inspector window. Now hit Command-5 or choose “Custom Class” from the pull down menu in the Inspector Window. One of the listed custom classes will be “Secure Text Field”.

A good reference for AS Studio can be found at

You can view it in HTML or download the PDF.

Hope this helps.