Hindering Finder's default action

I have recently set up a lab of 24 G4 iBooks for a high school…The lab is being used by a math class, and one of the apps the teacher wanted to install on all of the machines needed the CD in the drive to run. To circumvent this, I have the iBooks mounting a disk image of the CD on reboot. Works fine except the Finder window automatically opens when the image is mounted. It looks bad, and also allows the students access to the installation files…Is it possible to write an Applescript that would simply prevent the Finder from opening a new window after mounting the image?

I’ve not found anything that will circumvent this bizarre behavior of Panther’s (Jaguar didn’t do this).

I’d say your best bet is to add something to the script you have that mounts the image that will close the window.

tell application "Finder"
	close window 1
end tell