Home folder

I am not an expert of AppleScript and my question could be quiet basic.

I have to set up a script controlling batch QuickTime process to load an AVI video file from a defined source folder, convert to 3GPP video, save automatically it in another folder and delete the original AVI file.

The script should be able to see if a new AVI file is saved into the source folder and start teh batch transcoding.

Is this possible? Is this easy? Do you have any example?

Thank you in advance!

very simple: how do I specify the logged in user’s home folder?


if exists folder "(path to user's home):Documents" then

This needs to be dynamic; changing properly for each user. Assume local home at /Users/

Man the forums are screwed up today.


path to home

will always return the path to the current uesrs home folder. Or you could just use

if exists folder "Documents" of home

Note that this will only work in a tell “Finder” statement and you don’t user “home folder” here, only “home”.

Hope this helps.

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