Hot folder to convert InDesign files

Below is a script that exports and IDML file from InDesign CS6. What I want to do is create a script that would export the files when dropped into a hot folder. Thanks in advance.

tell application “Finder”
–this allows you to choose an InDesign document only:
set work_file to (choose file with prompt “Choose an InDesign document to convert to PDF:”) as alias
–get the folder path that contains the file:
set the_container to (container of work_file) as string
–get the filename without the extension so we can build the name with the “pdf” extension
set the_name to name of work_file
set the_extension to name extension of work_file
if the_extension is not “” then set the_name to (text 1 thru ((length of the_name) - (length of the_extension) - 1) of the_name)
end tell

tell application “Adobe InDesign CS6”
open work_file
tell document 1
–if you get an error, try “eBook” without the brackets
export format InDesign markup to (the_container & the_name & “.idml”) without showing options
close saving no
end tell
end tell