How are input fields added to an ASS script

I know you can add buttons:
display dialog “input” default answer “answer” buttons {“1”, “2”, “3”} default button 1

But how do you add some input fields?
Like this? [nope…]
display dialog {“input” default answer “answer”, “input2” default answer “answer2”} buttons {“1”, “2”, “3”} default button 1

IS it possible?

I’d like to create something like:

image width [480 ]
image height [360 ]
thumb height [52 ]
background color [#000000 ]

You could use AppleScript Studio to create an application with multiple input fields, or you can install additional software such as 24U Appearance OSAX. Depending on your exact needs, you might be able to use “choose from list”.

set prefs_ to (choose from list ¬
	{"image width: 480", "image height: 360", "thumb height: 52", "background color: #000000"} ¬
		with prompt "Preferences:")

– Rob

Thanks! That list option gives me a lot more posibilities!
Is there a way to change the text in the two buttons? [Cancel] and [OK]…
I’d like to change them to [Done] and [Edit]…

Yes, you can change the button names. Check the Standard Additions dictionary to see all of the options that are available. ‘choose from list’ is in the ‘User Interaction’ section of the dictionary.

– Rob

Yez, I already found it…: cancel button name “Done” OK button name “Edit”

Thanx anyway!