How can I add text to the note field multiple records in Address Book?

I am looking for a way to add text to multiple AB record note fields without having to copy and paste each one. For example, if I create a group called “My Contacts” and there are 250 records in that group, and I want to add the “sent Christmas Card email 2009” to each note field, is there a way to add the phrase to each note field of the group?

I had been using an Applescript that worked very well. But every since I installed SL 10.6, it doesn’t work anymore. Perhaps the script needs to be altered? If so, how? Here is the script I was using:

tell application “Address Book”
set AppleScript’s text item delimiters to {“Sent Christmas Card Email 2009”}
set TheList to every person of group “My Contacts”
repeat with Who in TheList
if note of Who is not missing value then
set NewNote to note of Who & return & “Sent Christmas Card Email 2009”
set note of Who to NewNote
set note of Who to “Sent Christmas Card Email 2009”
end if
end repeat
end tell

Try this.

tell application "Address Book"
	repeat with k from 1 to count of people in group "My Contacts"
		set theChoice to "Sent Christmas Card Email 2009"
		set currentNote to the note of person k
		set newNote to (currentNote & return & theChoice)
		if currentNote is missing value then
			set note of person k to theChoice
			set note of person k to newNote
		end if
	end repeat
end tell

I’m sure there is a more elegant solution !