How can I choose 60x60 pixel in Automator's Set Folder Views?

Hi, everyone. :slight_smile:

I’ve been looking for something that can change Folder Views for several folders at once so I don’t have to open Show View Options over and over again (different views for different folders). Now I believe Automator can help me do that, but I’m stuck on two problems:

  1. It doesn’t allow me to choose 60x60 pixel, only 56x56 or 64x64.
  2. It doesn’t allow me to set the grid spacing.

Is there a way to choose 60x60 in automator (it is selectable in Finder’s Show View Options)? If it’s not possible, what’s the most likely workaround? Applescript? Or perhaps some 3rd party apps?

Thank you for your time.


save the following script as application (bundle) and drag it next to the search field in the tool bar of some Finder window

tell application "Finder"
	set v to a reference to icon view options of (get Finder window 1)
	set icon size of v to 60
	set arrangement of v to snap to grid
end tell

Hi Stefan,

Thanks for the reply. The workaround works great; I checked the dictionary and added another line to set the font size, too. However, I couldn’t find something like “grid spacing”. Or is it not scriptable yet?

(I tried to write “set grid spacing of v to __”, and got a syntax error)

the value of grid spacing is not scriptable

I see. So apparently there’s not any feasible solution to grid spacing for the moment.

Thank you for the help, Stefan.