How can I get a script to run periodically and constantly?

Well I said it all in the title really… :smiley: Basically I have a script which checks the time since an event, and I want it to run every minute or so whenever my mac is booted. How can I do this? Do I have to create some sort of daemon app? will terminal commands help?

Any suggestion, I just want the simplest method possible to achieve this, the period between runs will be about a minute…

Thanks 8)


Under OS X, this probably is best handled in some Unix-ish way. The traditional AppleScript method involves creating a stay-open script application that only does stuff within the special idle handler:

on run

    -- you may want to initialize something here

end run

on idle

    -- do something here

    return 60 -- idle will be called again in sixty seconds
end idle

The script app can then be manually quit by bringing it forward and hitting command-q, otherwise, it will shutdown normally when your Mac shuts down.

I am running X, so what is the most effective way (memory and CPU - wise) ?