How can i know, that distiller finished to distill ps-file?

i use java script for loading doc in Distiller (by Applescript) by this:

var myParameters = [“Mac:Users:mypersona:Documents:tmp:”, mFilename];
var myAppleScript = “tell application "Acrobat Distiller" to open ((item 1 of arguments) & item 2 of arguments)”;
app.doScript(myAppleScript, ScriptLanguage.applescriptLanguage, myParameters);

at the end i produse a sound (by function)

But this sound appears after sending command to distiller. And i’d like to know, when job is really done.
How can i check the Distiller activities?


Why are you using javascript? Just use Acrobat, and the command will return when the file has been distilled:

tell application "Acrobat Distiller"
	Distill sourcePath inputFilePosixPath
end tell

i use java, because in java i can make Adobe Indesign to generate postscript file from publication and then pass it to applescript for distilling. I can’t do all of this in Applescript (do not know how).

That can certainly be done in AppleScript. Why not export as PDF in the first place?

Anyway, using the Distill command is the answer to your original question.

“Why not export as PDF in the first place?” it’s not allowed by technicians (hey say: PDF from postcript is more correct then directly exported from Ingesign). OK, thanks, i’ll try do it in applescript))

They’re talking through their hats. That was the case maybe 10 years ago, but you actually get a more faithful result with direct export. InDesign does lots of stuff that PDF understands but PostScript does not.