How can I make Quark?in Classic?print with Applescript

I have a script that works fine in OS 9, but I cant get it to work in OS X. I need to tell the OS X Finder to open a Quark document?then tell Quark to print it with certain registration and position?(If any one knows how to make it not ask about missing photos/modified that would be a huge plus)?then I need the Ffinder in OS X to move the file to another folder. I can script the Finder stuff, but Every time Quark comes to the front My script just stops. If I click on the script in the dock, it’ll do the nect step then stop again. PLEASE HELP :?:

did you ever get any answer to this i need to do the same?

Create a Mac X application with the stay open, never show startup screen and require the classic environment checkboxes checked. This script (process) calls quark. Then write a X script that calls your own application.

You could publish your script here, to see if a simple solution exists…
Thanks :slight_smile:

Here’s some sample code

Save the following as “PrintQuarkDoc” at the root level of your HD.

tell application "QuarkXPress"
    print document 1
    close document 1 saving no
end tell

Make the above a “classic script” (ie, do a Get Info, and check of the “Open this application in Classic” button).

Then, make an OSX script something like the following:

property pathToClassicScript : "Macintosh HD:PrintQuarkDoc"
on open (a)
    repeat with x in a
        --do stuff--
        tell application "Finder"
            open x
            open pathToClassicScript
        end tell
        --do more stuff--
    end repeat
end open

It gets a lot more complex quickly if you want to make sure that nothing else is running (ie, you need two standalone scripts processing files at once). But this should work for one-off situations.