How do I access the RSS account in

I can’t seem to access mailboxes for RSS feeds in the

If anybody have any tips I’ be very obliged.
The trouble is is that it seems I lack privileges or haven’t found the right incantation to do so.




the “RSS” account is not accessible with AppleScript


I guess the way to manage from feed to feed is to hit ctrl-F7 and navigate by the arrow keys.

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It’s true you can’t access the RSS account via AppleScript. But you can of course access it with a rule, and rules can of course move and copy messages.

I begin the rule with an instruction to move the RSS messages I want to work with to another folder, and then call my script with the next instruction. Taking the message out of the RSS account renders it accessible to AS.

Some attributes still require more fussing than they would for a normal incoming message. For example, since RSS messages don’t have attachments as such, it’s necessary to parse the relevant URL out of the message header and then write your own code to handle it.