How do I activate my Applescripts with the Context menu

I have Googled for an answer and have searched this forum but found nothing relevant.

Basically I want to do something very simple:
Right click anywhere (Finder or an application whatever) to bring up the Context Menu.
The Context Menu should contain (after the standard items specific to that app) some of my Applescripts.

Is there a plug-in/add-in that allows me to add Applescripts to any Context Menu?

If the above is possible I would like to do something more difficult:
Select some text (in any application: Word, Firefox, Mail, Entourage, whatever).
Right-click on the selected text to bring up the Context Menu.
The context menu should contain (after the standard items specific to that app) my Applescripts.
These Applescripts are able to process the selected text.

Is there a plug-in/add-in allows me to pass the selected text to an Applescript which I choose from the Context Menu?

Thanks in advance!


Hi DutchVince,

Please take a look at Big Cat Scripts Plugin or this article.

Hope that helps!

Hi Martin,

Thank you very much!
I’ll have a look at these as soon as I have time!

Regards, Vincent

also the indispensable QuickSilver from which you can call any script, copy content and apply script to it, etc.

Thanks for answering PascalV

Yes, I use QS a lot, but it seems it is no longer updated/supported :frowning:
But in this case I specifically wanted a Context Menu item.