How do I create an alias list...


I am unable to do a bisc thing…

I need to create an “alias list” of the full content of a folder… without any user interaction (no dialog => I specify in the script the folder I want to make an alias list of)

Attention: This script needs to run on AppleScript 1.6…

Can someone PLEASE help me.


Hi, Andrew.

An ‘alias list’ is created by the Finder. It works as a coercion tagged onto the end of a Finder reference. In older Finder versions, it errors if the reference only returns one item, so a ‘try’ block is needed to catch that eventuality:

set myFolder to (choose folder) -- Just for the demo.
tell application "Finder"
		set aliasList to (items of myFolder) as alias list
	on error -- Exactly one item in the folder.
		set aliasList to (first item of myFolder) as alias as list
	end try
end tell