How do I get Remote Access to connect?

I have a problem. I use MacOS 9 and I am trying to get my computer to turn on at night when I’m sleeping, download files, and turn off. I figured out how to do everything except how to log on the net. I have dial-up, and use Remote Access. I can get Reote Access to start but not to connect. I know this is a newbie question, but couldn’t figure out how.

It’s been a long, long time since I’ve used a dial-up on OS 9 but it seems like there is a setting in PPP, or somewhere, that allows the computer to connect automatically when an application requires it. Have you checked all of your control panels to see if something like this is available? It might be in PPP, Modem, or something along those lines. If I recall correctly, there’s also a setting to disconnect after a period of inactivity.

– Rob (OS X user)

I think I know how to turn on Remote Access in the middle of the night. The problem is that Remote Access isn’t really scriptable. But you can work around that.

First of all you set Remote Access to start up and dial automatically when you open a “TCP/IP application.” To do this, open Remote Access and click on the Options button; then select “Protocol” and select the “TCP/IP Applications” checkbox.

Next you program your email application (which is a TCP/IP application!) to launch at whatever hour you want. When the program launches, Remote Access will come on and dial up automatically. (There are sometimes problems getting through, so make sure Remote Access is set to redial once or twice.)

Now the problem is getting Remote Access to quit when you are finished. Fortunately, the two commands in AppleScript that Remote Access will respond to are “activate” and “quit”. It is probably wise, however to back that up by setting Remote Access to go hang up after a specified amount of time so that your phone line isn’t all tied up when the script doesn’t work like you planned. (Never happens to me, of course. :rolleyes: )

I gather that you won’t have a problem writing the script to launch your email application so, good luck…


Thanks dude, it worked :lol: . This will really help me on that long trip to Tokyo. Now I can download some good music to listen to :smiley: .