How do I insert a Command-D in a Shell Script?

If you type this in the terminal (see: this MacOSXHint):

open application -a /Applications/ -f” and then on a newline type: “Test” and then on a newline (a return as you type), type “Control-d

it will open Safari and display the word “Test”.

How would you do this from a “do shell script” AppleScript command - it’s the Control-d that defeats me.

ADDENDUM: If this could be mastered, it has the potential of a very powerful “Dialog Box” in which links are then used to make choices (that part to come after getting the simple message on screen)

Would this be acceptable?

do shell script "echo " & quoted form of ("<html><head></head><body>Test</body></html>") & " | open -a  /Applications/ -f"

Much more than acceptable - it works. Thanks, Bruce. Quoted form of didn’t occur to me.