How do I make a button with a custom image?

I need to make a series of buttons in Interface Builder that each have a different image on the front. I am probably being dumb but I can’t see how to do it and a search of the achives revealed no prior wisom and the documentation failed me.

How do I make a button have the design that I want?

Thanks for any suggestions and apologies if I am missing the obvious. RalphC

Select the button, and open the Show Info window to the Attributes pane. You’ll find an icon field. If this field is dimmed (as it is for a Push Button, for instance), change the button to a different type in the Type popup menu (a Square Button works well).

To get the button to display the image, you need to add the image to your project. The easiest way to do this is to drag the image file into your MainMenu.nib (or whatever your window’s nib file is named) window when the Image tab is selected, and confirm that you want to add it to the project in the ensuing dialog box.

Then just drag the image onto the button. (Note: you may need to resize the image before adding it to the project, if you want a button of a given size to display the entire image.)

Thank you. I get it now and it works just fine. I had selected “push button” and just hadn’t connected “icon” with “image”… RalphC