How Do I Make These Things? « and »


I have seen these symbols (« and ») in many scripts but have no idea how to make them. Can someone help me out? What are they called?


Hi Dallas,

these characters are called
Left Pointing Double Angel Quotation Mark and
Right Pointing Double Angel Quotation Mark
Unicode dez 171 / 187

On a US keyboard layout ⌥ \ and ⇧⌥ \

Thanks for your help Stefan

PS: How did you create the characters in your post ? ;):wink:

I’m betting copy/paste… ya know the same thing I do since I can never remember LOL

Just Like James said, the old cut and paste. I had been cut and pasting them into scripts as well but I figured I should probably know what they actually were.

For anyone else that doesn’t know
Keystroke - Option + \ will give you the Left one
Keystroke - Option + Shift + \ will give you the Right one.