How do I put a count in a text file?

Hello all,

I’d like to know if there is a way to a count everytime I start my application – to an invisible file. For example the invisible file would contain “1” the first time, “2” the second time etc…
Something like recording the number of time it gets opened.

I could probably do that in AS but I’d prefer to do it in shell script. Could anyone help me with that please?


there are several ways, but consider that there is no 100% security.
One of them is an invisible property list file in the application support folder with an inconspicuous name

if checkCounter() then trialExpired()

on checkCounter()
	set counterFilePath to ((path to application support from user domain as text) & ".aekzugbkljsu")
	set counterFilePOSIXPath to quoted form of POSIX path of counterFilePath
		(counterFilePath & ".plist") as alias
		set cnt to do shell script "defaults  read " & counterFilePOSIXPath & " cnt"
		if cnt = 5 then return true
		do shell script "defaults  write " & counterFilePOSIXPath & " cnt -int " & ((cnt + 1) as text)
	on error
		do shell script "defaults  write " & counterFilePOSIXPath & " cnt -int 0"
	end try
	return false
end checkCounter

Sweet, thanks a whole bunch again StefanK :wink: