How do I rename a bunch of Photoshop Clipping Paths?

Applescript noob here with a question that is (hopefully) simple to resolve.

This is for Photoshop CS3, Mac OS 10.5.5.

I have a server packed with thousands of Photoshop EPS images. They’ve been created over a period of several years and the clipping paths aren’t named consistently. What I need is a script that can rename every single clipping path in a given folder. I have a rudimentary routine that appears to function but doesn’t actually do anything. I assume it’s my syntax, could someone please take a look and let me know how far off the mark I am?

tell application “Adobe Photoshop CS3”
set the source_folder to (choose folder with prompt “Choose folder or files for path renaming.” without invisibles)
set the item_list to list folder source_folder without invisibles
set source_folder to source_folder as string

repeat with i from 1 to number of items in the item_list
	set this_item to item i of the item_list
	set aFile to (source_folder & this_item) as alias

		with timeout of 20 seconds
			open aFile showing dialogs never
			tell current document
				if exists (path item whose kind is clipping) then set path name to "Path" --I suspect this is the problem area--
			end tell
		end timeout
	end try

	save current document
	close current document saving no
end repeat

end tell

Any help would be appreciated.

Replace this line:
if exists (path item whose kind is clipping) then set path name to “Path”


set thePathList to every path item
	repeat with thePath in thePathList
		if (kind of thePath is clipping) and (name of thePath is not "Path") then  --PShop will stop and prompt for a name if it already has the name
			set name of thePath to "Path"
		end if
	end repeat

Model: iMacintel
AppleScript: xCode 3.0
Browser: Safari 525.20.1
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.5)


That did the trick.

Many thanks.