How do I script AIRDROP for managing it in a classroom?

I am the tech at a middle school and AirDrop is a grand thing. BUT, it also allows students to digitally pass notes, pictures, etc back and forth.

My first attempt was simply to create a folder action that called a script to compress any downloaded file and send it to a write-only drop box on the server. This is workable, but it can be easily disabled.

In sniffing the traffic, I see zero packets when the transfer of files happens and in fact, the only thing I can find is in the console, where the Kernel records an entry regarding the Airport P2P Interface and a Virtual P2P Interface is created.

So, any ideas from anybody on how to script AirDrop, or effectively tackle the digital not-passing with AppleScript?? Many thanks, Les

Have you removed it from the sidebar (Command-dragging or Finder Prefs)? It’s not a total solution but some people don’t know it’s how you turn it on and off.

I just ran into this too.

In Terminal.
defaults write DisableAirDrop -boolean YES

This may not be the perfect solution. You can read more here:

If they are dropping into the shell to turn it back on, hire them for your IT department.:stuck_out_tongue:

Bluefrog -

Thanks for the link to the blog. Certainly, disabling AirDrop is an option. In my testing, the contextual menu still works (like the blog states) however, if they are ALL disabled, they would have to drop to a shell to re-enable it, else it will not work. BTW, I wish more of the students WERE savy enough to do so…

AirDrop is a wonderful way for students/teachers to collaborate and avoid printing everything so, I would hate to lose it.

I will keep trying to harness AirDrop and I hope others will too.