how do I sort files based on their creator type?

Does anyone know how to sort files based on their creator type, and then append the correct file extension to those files…I need it to be specific enough to sort the dfference between a photoshop .eps and an illustrator .eps

QuarkXpress: .qxd & place into “Quark Files” folder
Illustrator EPS: .eps & place into "Il EPS: folder
Photoshop EPS: .eps & place into "TIF/EPS: folder
Photoshop TIF: .tif & place into "TIF/EPS: folder
PDF: .pdf & place into "Transmissions: folder

I’m trying to put together a script that will help in my file structuring of jobs, and I’m new to scripting…so any help will be appreciated

Have a search in the Scripts for my: Organize by File Types script. You should be able to modify that (using the file creators instead of the name extensions).