How do I unmount volumes using AppleScript?

I’m fairly new to AppleScript. Some of the things I do work and some don’t. I’ve got a few scripts that I’d like to create for work and I’m having a time trying to figure them out.

First of all, a simple one (hopefully): Mounting multiple volumes is a snap. How do I unmount volumes using AppleScript?

The next question contains multiple parts. There are a few programs that we do a lot of repetitive tasks within and we’d like to automate some of those tasks. One such program is Adobe Acrobat. We use both the Pitstop Pro add-in software and the Quite Imposing Plus plug-in. How do I tell Acrobat to run Quite Imposing actions and Pitstop actions? While we’re on the subject of programs, does anyone have a quick solution for telling OmniGraffle to save, and then export (the default location for each is fine) upon idle?

Any help is much appreciated!

I can’t help with the other stuff but this should allow you to unmount the volumes.

tell application "Finder"
	eject disk "volume name"
end tell

For multiple volumes, you can use this.

set volumes_ to {"vol 1", "vol2"} -- volume names
tell application "Finder"
	repeat with vol_ in volumes_
		eject disk vol_
	end repeat
end tell

– Rob

Just wanted to say thanks for Japan! This worked perfectly!