How do I upload/download files from ftp server??

I am using ftp to connect to a server… the following commands are working fine for me…
tell application “Finder”
set ping_result to (do shell script "ping -c 1 -q " & server)
if “100% packet loss” is not in ping_result then
mount volume “ftp://username:password@17.65.xx.xx
end if
on error
set host_name to do shell script “ls /Network/”
if host_name contains server then
mount volume “ftp://” & server
end if
end try
end tell

I now want to upload and download files from this server… (it seems that there is some problem with Tiger and a regular finder copy cannot be done up to this server)… how can I achieve this uploading and downloading of files to the ftp server using Applescript or terminal commands?

you work it out this way easy enough once you know it works fine just take out the tell’s and make it a do shell script

tell application "Terminal"
	do script "ftp 
get Picture\\ 1.jpg
put file.txt
	end tell

If you know the files already, it’s much easier to just use URL Access Scripting. Like this:

property ftpURL : ""

tell application "URL Access Scripting" to upload somefile to ftpURL replacing yes without binhexing

Downloading is just as easy. See the URL Access Scripting dictionary for the details, but this is basically them.