How do you create slideshows in iDVD 6?

I’m trying to create a slideshow in iDVD 6, with code like this:

tell application "iDVD"
	display dialog "# slideshows: " & (count of slideshows)
	make new slideshow with properties {name:"Test Scripting"}
	display dialog "# slideshows: " & (count of slideshows)
	set filename to choose file "Choose image for slideshow"
	tell slideshow named "Test Scripting" to make new image with properties {name:"xyz", comment:"Script comment", path:filename, title:"Scripting title"}
end tell

The first “display dialog” and the second “display dialog” both display the same number of slideshows, so my call to “make new slideshow” obviously didn’t work. Any idea what I’m missing?


Ah, there was an “add_slideshow” routine buried in a subdirectory of the samples at Apple’s Applescript applications web site.