How do you do a simple picture file conversion?

I have a TIFF on my desktop that I want to convert to a JPEG. I have this script. It runs fine, but the photo on my desktop remains as a TIFF. Am I doing something wrong?

set imageDir to "/Users/iandopps/Desktop/Video Snapshot 1"

tell application "Image Events"
	save imageDir as JPEG in desktop with icon
end tell

Image Events is a great utility, but it requires a bit more scripting to use:

set main_path to path to desktop as Unicode text
set selectedFile to (choose file)--Here you choose the file you want to convert.
set new_name to text returned of (display dialog "Enter new name for file:" default answer "")--Here you enter the new name of the converted file.
set new_file to (main_path & new_name & ".jpg") as Unicode text
tell application "Image Events"
	set openedFile to open (selectedFile as alias)
	save openedFile in new_file as JPEG--This is the critical stage; you have to save IN the new file.
	close openedFile
end tell

The main thing to remember is that you have save the file as something new in order to utilize conversion. Image Events will not directly convert a file over, rather, it will re-work the data to whatever type you want, but you are responsible for doing the save in order to retain the data. You then have the original file, and the converted file.

Beats the stuffing out of opening GraphicConverter to do it. Funny, when you have a tool you’ve used for a long time, you don’t notice the availability of a new shortcut to the same result.

Thanks Craig!